Interested in Sponsoring?

Rallying, or just motorsports in general, is very expensive and time consuming. Having sponsorships allows us to grow as a team and helps us run more events. Each event costs us about $1000 to sign up. This is not including the gas to tow to and from the event and the lodging expenses. It adds up very quickly during the season, especially when something breaks!

The Racing Rebel blog is designed to encourage growth of rally and motorsports. We give you the best advice we can give and make the mistakes, so you don't have to. We are hoping to start hosting events to promote the sport in the future, and we cannot do that without your help!

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If you would like to sponsor our rally team or advertise on the Racing Rebel website, please send us an email at sponsors@racingrebel.com. We appreciate any support we can get on this crazy adventure of motorsports!

Cover Photo By Evan Sanders


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