Who Is Racing Rebel?

My name is Sergei Grishin. I created this blog to share my adventures, ideas, challenges, accomplishments, and struggles that I face in my crazy motorsport endeavors. I built a 2000 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS rally car to compete in Rally America, American Rally Association, NASA Rally Sport, and Canadian Rally Championship events. Throughout this blog I will cover the events that I run, the modifications I do to my car, and other random moments in my motor sports adventures.

This blog will also feature other awesome people who enjoy the world of rally and motorsports. Other drivers, co-drivers, car builders, photographers, or even spectators can contribute to this blog. My goal is to make it easier for car enthusiasts to get into the world of racing. Whether it may be competing, supporting a team, or just watching, I want to help you get on the scene.

I am also the founder of Nitrous Lighting, a company that builds high performance motorsport lighting for rally cars. I wanted to design lights that greatly improved visibility at night for high speed driving. Building lights led me to working with rally teams, which is what ultimately led me to have a desire for racing.

Racing Rebel is not a name I've just given me and my rally team, but it should be seen a symbol for those of us who want take their driving experience to the next level. Anyone who has a strong passion for an authentic racing adventure, is for sure - A Racing Rebel.