5 Things I Like About SCCA RallyCross

Here are five things I really like about SCCA RallyCross. I say these things time after time to people I know in person, so I would like to share them here as well.

1. Anyone Can Race

Bring your Grandparents, your kookie Mom, or even your 12 year old. Just about anyone can race in an SCCA RallyCross. You don't have to buy any special licenses ( except maybe the $10 SCCA weekend pass if you are not a member) or pass any sort of performance driving tests. Absolutely no experience is required. You can even share your car with your wife or buddy and take turns. This makes for a great day just tearing it up in the dirt.

2. Any Car Can Race

Bring that hooptie Ford Thunderbird that your Dad won't drive anymore because of his new, "modern" Acura that he just bought. He won't mind, well, at least SCCA RallyCross won't. If your car is even remotely safe for the streets, that's pretty much all that the event checks for. Your car doesn't need to be prepped for most events. Some areas might be more rough than others, so some low cars may scrape, but any average car should be perfectly okay. Pulling the ABS fuse and turning off traction control is highly recommended. Bringing a rental car is also an option, but you didn't hear that from me...

3. Super Inexpensive

Soon you will be the envy of all of those car bros with their new cars as you tear up the dirt in your 1999 Honda CR-V. While everyone else is spending thousands of dollars on silly mods for their street cars - here you are having the time of your life for about $50 per event and will still be able to make your mortgage payment. The skills you'll pick up at these events can easily be carried over for other motorsport events as well.

4. Many Events

Unlike most motorsports events, where you need miles of track or stages, RallyCross events are done anywhere there is an open field. The SCCA is a huge organization; there are many chapters across the US that should have an event near you. You can drive your car to the event; no towing should be necessary.

5. Low Maintenance

SCCA RallyCross only needs you to show up with your car. No need for a co-driver or service crew. No extra parts to buy and no additional safety gear required. It is so easy to register online or when you get there, and just have fun.

Thank you to Mike Vanino for shooting the Ford Thunderbird in this post.

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